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The goal of Hoss's training programs is to guarantee that our managers acquire the skills needed to perform their jobs to our high standards. The company strives to maintain quality and consistency. We offer training and educational programs both internally and externally from supervisory level employees to crewmembers.

The management training program (including Intern and Externships) begins with a formal one-day orientation to familiarize trainees with the company culture and philosophy, explain expectations, and to give the proper tools necessary to learn the position. During the twelve-week training process, we utilize tools to assist in the training which include an operations manual, a training plan, videos, and on the job training with certified department trainers. Each Manager in Training (MIT) will train in a Hoss's location to receive hands-on operational training. To insure that the expectations are being met, there is a certification process including operational hands-on and testing in each area.  In keeping consistent throughout our training programs, we allow MIT's to train in a Hoss's location learning shift running on a day-to-day basis with a General Manager. To actually certify as an Assistant Manager, each candidate must pass a testing program including the actual running of a management shift and then a formal testing process. This official training concludes with our Hoss University Leadership Series, which includes many managerial/leadership topics. As a follow up to our management training, we require new Assistant Managers to attend a class 60 days after Hoss University. During this time, we review their retention of operational knowledge, review HR/management issues, and then ServSafe certify in Food Safety/Sanitation.

Because Hoss's believes in education of all our employees, we offer many programs such as the Step Up to Leader Program. During this program, our newly promoted area supervisors learn the skills to help them assume their leadership roles. We hold one-day workshops for Opening Managers and Assistant Managers to educate each in current important issues and on-going operational training. We established a LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) Program to prepare our Assistant and Associate Manager levels to assume the role of running their own building and a promotion to General Manager. We also have our own in-house facilitators that hold several certifications throughout the year in CPR Certification, ServSafe Food Safety Certification, and ServSafe Alcohol training. As a company we feel the safety of our employees and guests should be number one and require each of our managers to be certified in both CPR (infant, child, adult, first aid) and Food Safety (sanitation). In addition we have created a Cycle of Education which we post on our web site to help our employees be aware of the additional education programs we provide on an ongoing basis every year. Hoss's provides training support through educational materials and videos to help in training of our crew members. We also keep our managers up-to-date with Human Resource issues, changing laws, etc., at the quarterly training held at our company's corporate meetings.

In helping our employee's to be all they can be, we offer paid continuing education through outside vendors along with offering a tuition assistance program to our employees and their families.

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