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SD10 Holds "Trunk or Treat" | HCP 3rd Quarter Eagle Named | Guest Celebrates 100th Birthday at Shamokin Dam Hoss's! | Heroes - York East | Hero - Lisa Danielli | District 2 Kickball Tournament | District 1 Softball Tournament 2018 | Hosser Named Softball Player of the Year | Martinsburg Hoss's Sponsors Soap Box Derby | Campbell U Class #6 Graduates | 2018 Hoss Graduates | Hossers Run Half Marathon! | Heroes - Mechanicsburg Marzoni's | HCP 1st Quarter Eagle Named | Huntingdon Supports Family | Thank You For The Softball! | Heroes - Somerset Hoss's | Eaglefest Celebration 2017 | Manager of the Year 2017 Finalists | Campbell University Class #5 | Hoss Heroes - #32 Martinsburg | Eagles of the Year 2017 | Eaglefest Years of Service Recipients 2017 | Store Eagles Of The Year 2017 | Eagles Recognized | Hoss Hero - Nicole Englert | Hoss Hero - Lisa Johnson | HCP 4th Quarter Eagle Named | Santa Visits Somerset Hoss's | Greensburg Secret Santa Party | Christmas In Hossland 2017 | Letter From Young Guest | SD10 Holds Community Night | Hummelstown Employee Named Player of the Week | #TeamSonnieStrong | Promotional Artwork From York West | Hummelstown Halloween Parade | Chambersburg Holds Pumpkin Carving Contest | HCP 3rd Quarter Eagle Leader Named | Campbell University Class 4 Graduates | Duncansville Marzoni's Receives Special Thank-You | Welcome Home SSGT Christopher Morris | HCP 2nd Quarter Eagle Leader Named | Steve McIlveen Wins 5K | Relay Breakfast 2017 | MB32 Participates In Norwalk Soap Box Derby | Mission Trip To Guatemala | Two Hossers Run In 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon | St. Marys Employee Raises Funds for Alzheimer's Association | Jeff Stephenson Retirement | Lewistown Crew Prom | Hoss Hero - Julie (Kolmer) Johnson | Gettysburg Holds Toy Drive | Country Singer Visits Gettysburg Hoss's | Hoss Hero - Amber Schwaderer | Campbell U Class #3 Graduates

SD-10 Holds "Trunk or Treat!"

On October 30, Shamokin Dam Hoss's held a "Trunk or Treat" night! The employees decorated their trunks and gave out candy. It was very well received by the community. At least 250-300 or more came out to get candy!

Trunk or Treat

Click here for more photos!

HCP 3rd Quarter Eagle Named

Jonathan Claar was recently named HCP's Eagle for the Third Quarter of 2018!

Jonathan is a Steak Cutter at the plant and will soon celebrate 12 years of service. Congratulations!

Jonathan Claar

Guest Celebrates 100th Birthday at Shamokin Dam Hoss's!

BerniceA special guest named Bernice recently turned 100 years old! There was a group of 37 people that came in to Shamokin Dam Hoss's to celebrate with her. The servers asked her what the secret of living to be 100 is, and she said, "Drinking a glass of scotch every day."

She has a sister that is 102 and one that is 107. She also had two brothers that lived well into their 90s. What a great family!

As you can from her picture, she does not look to be 100 years old at all!

Happy Birthday, Bernice!


Heroes - York East

Recently, three Hossers from York East helped a co-worker who became ill. Brett Mellott, Cheray Roller, and Renee Huson responded to a co-worker that experienced a seizure.

They called the paramedics and provided care to him until help arrived. Thank you all for your quick actions and for stepping up to help a co-worker in need!

Brett Mellott   Cheray Roller   Renee Huson
Brett Mellott (Manager) | Cheray Roller (Server) | Renee Huson (Salad Bar)

Hoss Hero - Lisa Danielli
by Mike Reing, General Manager

Lisa Danielli
Recently, we had a regular guest choke on her salad to the point in which she could no longer breath.  Her server, Lisa Danielli, quickly assisted her.  

Using the Heimlich Maneuver, Lisa was able to save our guest from choking!  Our guest has returned to dine, and is extremely grateful for Lisa's quick thinking and actions.

District 2 Kickball Tournament
by Deb Lehman, District 2 Manager

District 2 held its first Annual Kickball Tournament on June 20. Each store organized a team and got to play each other for a fun day of competition at Forge Road Elementary fields in Palmyra, PA. There were lots of laughs and good fun.

The "Annville 86ers" brought a giant blow up unicorn as their mascot. The 'Leesport Lunatics' had their own sound system and great music. The Shamokin Brawlers rented a van to come to town in while Elizabethtown's "UHave0Chance" had a megaphone that thankfully broke before the day was over. The Cressona "Castaways" had their own cheerleader and let their District Manager play on their team.

There was a lot of trash talking in the weeks leading up to the tournament, but the Williamsport "Hossome Hopefuls" beat the "Hummelstown Hustlers" in the championship game to take the trophy home. It was a fun day that included young and old Hoss's Managers, crew, and family. Stores are already talking about next year and their new and better strategies and who is going to win!

Click here for Team Photos!

District 1 Softball Tournament 2018
by Troy Horner, District 1 Manager

On June 20, District 1 had their 7th Annual Softball Tournament. This year, there was a total of 7 teams: Chambersburg, East York, Lititz, Gettysburg, Martinsburg, West York (combined with Hanover), and a team from the Home Office.

Each team played six games allowing them to play every team. The two teams with the best record then met in the championship game. Martinsburg had the best record going 6-0, and East York had the second best record 5-1. In the championship game (winner take all), East York was able to avenge an earlier loss to Martinsburg and take home the 3-foot trophy which they will proudly display in their store for the next year.

Every store was able to at least get one win for the day, and many games were only won by a run or two. The weather cooperated with a few periods of light rain a couple of times, but the temps were only in the high 70s which was welcomed compared to the last two years when the heat index was over 100 degrees.

No individual awards were handed out for a tournament MVP, but if there was an Iron Man Award, it would have gone to Rob Billet from the Home Office. Rob pitched all six games for the Home Office and was Mr. Intensity throughout the day not letting anyone slack off. Rob was saying his arm was sore from pitching late in the day, but the team coaches told him he had an entire year to let his arm heal for next year’s tournament!

Click here for Team Photos!

Hosser Named Softball Player of the Year

Miranda Payne, a salad bar team member from Martinsburg Hoss's, was recently named The 2018 Softball Player of the Year in the Martinsburg area. She was also a Second Team All State Selection as a Junior.

Click here to read the article from The Martinsburg Journal. Congratulations, Miranda!

Martinsburg Hoss's Sponsors Soap Box Derby
by Jason Hull, Assistant Manager

This year, we competed in 2 divisions in the local Soapbox Derby, and we had a winner! Landen Smith, son of our Server/Manager, Kristen Fisher, won 3rd place in his category! 

Soap Box Derby 2018

Special thanks to Billie Jo for getting me the decals to put on the car so fast! We try our best here in Martinsburg to do things for and in our community. Thank you for making Hoss's a great place to work! 

2018 Hoss Graduates

Graduate HossWe would like to extend a special congratulations to all of our high school and college graduates in Hossland! You should all be very proud of your accomplishments!

Click here to see a listing of graduates submitted by our stores.

Hossers Run Half Marathon!

On Saturday, May 26, three Hossers ran the Johnstown Path of the Flood Historic Half Marathon.

Half Marathon Runners

Congratulations to Carl Swope (HCP), Andie Petrunak (Finance), and Phil Sukenik (Operations) for this achievement! District 1 Manager, Troy Horner, also participated by pacing and encouraging them as they ran the last half of the race and brought them into the finish line!

Heroes - Mechanicsburg Marzoni's

Recently, we had a guest at Mechanicsburg Marzoni's that possibly had a stroke. Paramedics were called, and he was taken to the hospital.

Server, Brooklyn DePalmer (who is also a Registered Nurse), and Manager, Jenna Carlson, were instrumental in getting him the medical care he needed. Thank you both for stepping up and helping a guest in need!

          Brooklyn DePalmer          Jenna Carlson
          Brooklyn DePalmer                               Jenna Carlson

HCP 1st Quarter Eagle Named

Kent Fleegle was recently named HCP's Eagle for the First Quarter of 2018! Kent has been a part of our team for 21 years and currently works in the Sanitation Department. Congratulations!

Kent Fleegle

Huntingdon Supports Family

Mitchell MattersOn April 28, Huntingdon Hoss's held a Community Night Fundraiser to benefit The Smith Family during this very difficult time.

Mark Shreffler states, "This is certainly a terrible tragedy and really hits home when it's a family member of one of our own.  The Smith family has been a part of Hoss's for many years.  Not only are they faithful patrons, but Mitchell's older brothers worked for us years ago and his sister Carrington is part of our team.  Many of our long-term crew members have witnessed these great kids grow up over the years.  They have been a blessing to know and work with.  Our sole concern is being there for Carrington and doing what we can to support all of Mitchell Smith's family during this difficult time."

Mitchell Matters

Thank You For The Softball!
by Phil Sukenik

Dear Friends at Gettysburg Hoss’s:

SoftballOn behalf of the corporate staff, please accept our gratitude for this wonderful signed softball that we will treasure as a keepsake. It is with great anticipation and excitement that we look forward to our upcoming competition on the diamond.

Each day, as we gaze upon this brightly colored ball emblazoned with your signatures, we begin to visualize our mighty bats, swung with reckless abandon, slamming into the slowly pitched balls only to see them fly effortlessly over the outfield fence as points begin to stack up on the scoreboard.

Seriously, thanks for the cool softball. We are looking forward to having fun on June 20th!

Sincerely, The Corporate Team

P.S.. We may not be fast, but we are a wily and cunning bunch of power hitters!

Heroes - Somerset Hoss's

On Sunday, April 15, three Heroes emerged when a regular guest had a medical emergency at Somerset Hoss's.

Kolby Glessner, Nicole Montgomery, and Dawn Hartman sprang into action to perform CPR and to get the gentleman the medical attention he needed.

Hoss Heroes - Somerset
Kolby Glessner, Nicole Montgomery, and Dawn Hartman

Eaglefest Celebration 2017

Our 11th Annual Eaglefest Celebration was held on Saturday, April 14, 2018.  Eaglefest is a celebration of those high flying individuals who soar daily to new heights at Hoss’s and Marzoni's through their enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion for others.  Congratulations to all of our 2017 honorees!


Lisa Johnson - Huntingdon; Nicole Englert - Cranberry; Kimberly Stout - Martinsburg; Kristen Fisher - Martinsburg; Dallas Grim-Martinsburg


Allen Hainsey - Home Office; Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon; John Tomlinson - West York


Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon; Shawn Beam - Erie; Jay Petrou - Bedford; Dallas Grim - Martinsburg; Julie Lohsl - Greenwood Marzoni’s

Joe Hirsch - Indiana - Best in Company


Gail Fairman - DuBois; Jay Petrou - Bedford; Matt Oliveri - Shamokin Dam; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Craig Caravella - Meadville; Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon; John Tomlinson - West York; Sherri Buckley - Grove City


Craig Caravella - Meadville; Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Gail Fairman - DuBois; Jay Petrou - Bedford


Dan Starry - Somerset; Julie Lohsl - Greenwood Marzoni’s; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Jay Petrou - Bedford; Mike Reing - Richland Township


Fred Fuess - Williamsport; Matt Oliveri - Shamokin Dam; Eve Campbell - Duncansville Marzoni’s; Joe Hirsch - Indiana

Jay Petrou - Bedford – Willard Cup Winner


Click here for a list of the Years of Service Honorees.


Click the links below to learn more about each recipient.

District 1 - Shelby Knepper - Martinsburg
District 2 - Jilly Waso - Elizabethtown
District 3 - Mel Stetter - Altoona
District 4 - Desiree Bruzda - Greensburg
District 5 - Jenny Bailey - Carlisle
Marzoni’s - Cassy White - Scranton
HCP - Russ Pleva


Gail Fairman - DuBois; Jay Petrou - Bedford; Joe Hirsch - Indiana; Mark Shreffler - Huntingdon

Manager of the Year 2017 - Jay Petrou


TVs: Lauren Lush – Leesport (10 Years’ Service); Cathleen Showalter – Bedford (20 Years’ Service); Jeff Schwaderer – Huntingdon (10 Years’ Service)
iPads: Greg Morgan – Cressona (10 Years’ Service); Chad Whitehead – State College (20 Years’ Service); Rob Billet – Home Office (30 Years’ Service)

Grand Cash Prize Winner  – Jamie Weeder – Shamokin Dam (30 Years’ Service)

Check back for pictures from the event!

Manager of the Year 2017 Finalists

Congratulations to the following General Manager of the Year 2017 Finalists. Each individual will be honored at our Eaglefest Celebration at Huntingdon Country Club on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Jay Petrou
Mark Shreffler
Jay Petrou
Mark Shreffler
Gail Fairman
Joe Hirsch
Gail Fairman
Joe Hirsch

Campbell University Class #5

Campbell University Class #5 embarked on a fun-filled week of learning February 26 through March 2, 2018. This was a very large class of new managers from Hossís and Marzoniís and the most even mix of managers promoted within and managers new to the company. You can imagine the passion, creativity, and drive that was expressed during the week.

This group was split into working on three individual class projects which they presented during graduation on Friday! They had many great ideas that I am sure will be used to move the company forward! This diverse group is ready to take what they have learned back to their restaurants, making Hossís/Marzoniís great! Thank you for all your hard work. We wish you much success!

Campbell U #5

Back Row (L-R): Dewayne Garwood-DV, Chase Meyers-SC, Tucker Burton-MZ 204, Austin Rodkey-RT, Kirk LaBorde-SM, Brooke McCracken-GC, Shannon Bickford-MD, Larry Reck-LT, Chris White-LP, Nathan Baumgardner-LT, Adam Malone-GT

Front Row(L-R): Stevie Goldinger-SM, Nikki Corty-HM, Laura Villarreal-HM, Patti Warner-AL, Amber Wiesner-DB, Jared Weeder-SC, Jody Farabaugh-GB, Amy Clark-EN

Hoss Heroes - #32 Martinsburg

Several months ago, a gentleman became ill and collapsed while entering the dining room at Martinsburg Hoss's. Fortunately, Dallas Grim, Kristen Fisher, and Kimberly Stout responded quickly to care for him and get him the medical help he needed. Thank you all for going above and beyond to help our guests in need!

Hoss Hero Martinsburg
Kristen Fisher, Dallas Grim, and Kimberly Stout

Eagles of the Year 2017

Congratulations to the following Eagles of the Year 2017. Each individual will be honored at our Eaglefest Celebration on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at Huntingdon Country Club.

We would also like to extend a special congratulations and thank you to all of our Eagles who were honored at our luncheons/dinners. We are very proud to have such an elite group of individuals as part of the Hoss Team.

Shelby Knepper
Jilly Waso
Mel Stetter
Shelby Knepper
District 1
Jilly Waso
District 2
Mel Stetter
District 3

Desiree Bruzda
Jenny Bailey
Desiree Bruzda
District 4
Jenny Bailey
District 5

Cassandra White
Russell Pleva
Cassandra White
Russell Pleva
Hoss's Central Processing

Eaglefest Years of Service Recipients 2017

Below is the list of the Years of Service Honorees.  This list includes employees who have achieved 10, 20, or 30 years of service between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018.  All honorees will be recognized at this year’s Eaglefest Celebration on Saturday, April 14, at the Huntingdon Country Club. 


30-Year Recipients:
East York – Mary Ann Domer; Hanover – Andy Gibbs
20-Year Recipients:
West York- Courtney Roberts; Hanover – Christine Clouser; Kelly Cool; Cynthia Laughman; Kathy Shanebrook
10-Year Recipients:
East York – Kristina Brenkert; Martinsburg -  Hannah Snyder; Kimberly Stout; West York – Angela Kuhn


30-Year Recipient:
Shamokin Dam – Jamie Weeder
20-Year Recipient:
Shamokin Dam – Gwen Patton
10-Year Recipients:
Shamokin Dam – Donna Brady; Williamsport – Valerie Blass; Olivia Fortin; Hummelstown -  Beverly Nye; Cressona – Alyssa Albright; Deborah Bathaser; Gregory Morgan; Leesport – Lauryn Lush; Karisa Thomas


30-Year Recipients:
Dubois – Stephanie Shick; Somerset – Dan Starry
20-Year Recipients:
Altoona – Mary Stetter; Indiana – Joe Hirsch
10-Year Recipients:
Duncansville – Craig Amick; Mark Beschler; Dubois– Jill Bohensky; Altoona – Erika DeCriscio


20-Year Recipients:
Murrysville –Corey Noel; BelleVernon – Karen Levendosky
10- Year Recipient:
Greensburg – Matthew Cirelli


30-Year Recipient:
Carlisle– Bernice Hopple
20-Year Recipients:
State College – Chad Whitehead; Bedford – Debra Perrin; Cathleen Showalter; Mechanicsburg – Dana Noss; Carlisle – Holly Love
10-Year Recipients:
Bedford – Tricia Fetter; Mechanicsburg – Rebecca Boyle; Kati Stumpo; Carlisle –Mary Snyder; Huntingdon –Scott Gosizk; Jeffrey Schwaderer; Lewistown – Rita Weber 


10- Year Recipients:
Marzoni’s DV- Ashlee Burtner; Nathan Delozier


30-Year Recipient: 
Rob Billet


30-Year Recipient:
George Zumsteg


Store Eagles Of The Year 2017

Hoss's Eagle NationThe Eagles Of The Year were honored at the Annual Eagle Luncheons held during the month of January. Congratulations to each of these individuals for achieving this prestigious award!

Click here to see pictures of all the honorees.

Eagles Recognized

Congratulations to the following District Eagles!

Gilbert Waso
Gilbert Waso, Elizabethtown - District 2

Mel Stetter
Mel Stetter, Altoona - District 3

Jenny Bailey
Jenny Bailey, Carlisle - District 5

Cassandra White
Cassandra White, Scranton - Marzoni's

Russell Pleva
Russell Pleva, HCP

Hoss Hero - Nicole Englert - CB12

Nicole EnglertServer from Cranberry, Nicole Englert, was recently helping out at Grove City Hoss's for the evening.

The gentleman she was serving began to choke on his food, and she sprang into action to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. Thankfully, she was able to dislodge the piece of food.

Thank you, Nicole, for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a guest!

Hoss Hero - Lisa Johnson - HT24

Lisa JohnsonSeveral months ago, a lady and her elderly mother came in for lunch at Huntingdon Hoss's. The elderly lady started to choke, and the daughter did not know what to do.

Thankfully, Server Lisa Johnson quickly stepped in and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. The lady coughed up the bite of food and was able to breathe again. The daughter tearfully hugged Lisa and thanked her profusely.

Thank you, Lisa, for stepping up to help a guest in need!

HCP 4th Quarter Eagle Named

Morgan Heming was recently named HCP's Eagle for the Fourth Quarter of 2017! Morgan has been a part of our team for 17 years and currently works in the Production Department. Congratulations!

Morgan Heming

Santa Visits Somerset Hoss's

Santa came to Somerset Hoss's Tuesday night! Everyone had fun, and Santa's elves helped take pictures and pass out treat bags!

Somerset Santa Visit

Greensburg Secret Santa Party

Greensburg Hoss's recently held its First Annual Secret Santa Party! We all had a great time shopping for and surprising each other!

Greensburg Party

Greensburg Party

Christmas In Hossland 2017

Christmas has come to Hossland! Click here to see some of the beautiful decorations in our stores.

Merry Christmas!


Letter From Young Guest

We recently received a letter from a very satisfied young guest named Joey! He wrote it as a school assignment and was kind enough to share it with us. Click here to read his letter!

Thank you, Joey! We could not have said it better ourselves!

Hummelstown Employee Named Player of the Week

Congratulations to Middletown High School's Tre Leach for being named Player of the Week! Click here to read all about it!

Tre has worked as a Host and Busser at Hummelstown Hoss's for 1 1/2 years.

Your Hoss Family is very proud of you!

SD10 Holds Community Night

On December 4, Shamokin Dam Hoss's held a Community Night Fundraiser to benefit Santa's Miracle of Giving of Sunbury, PA. Their mission is to provide gifts for local families and military families in need, so they can experience the Spirit of the Christmas Season.

SD Fundraiser

by Tami Chaddick, District Manager

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Lewistown team who made yesterday, 11/19/17, special with a fundraiser for one of our own servers that was severely burnt over a month ago and is still in LeHigh Valley Medical Center.  Her husband has been on an unpaid FMLA, and they have two children ages three and seven. 

It has been amazing the support the community and our Hoss family has shown, and we continue to ask for your prayers as she still has a long way to recovery.


Promotional Artwork From York West

We have a very talented young woman in West York named Melena Paulino that created the picture below to push selling our featured tea! Melena has been a server with us for almost two years.

Blackberry Tea

Hummelstown Halloween Parade

Hummelstown Hoss's recently participated in Hummelstown's Halloween Parade. Below are a few photos!

HM Parade

HM Parade

Chambersburg Holds Pumpkin Carving Contest

Chambersburg Hoss's crew members recently held a Pumpkin Carving Contest and then had their Guests vote on them.

Below are a few of their HOSM creations!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving Contest

HCP 3rd Quarter Eagle Leader Named

Marshall McCabe was recently presented with HCP's 3rd Quarter Eagle Leader Award!

Marshall McCabe

Marshall began working with us in April of this year and currently works in the Steak Production Department.


Campbell University Class 4 Graduates!

Campbell University was held September 25-29, 2017.  It was a smaller group than usual, and this made for a great week of getting to know each other and making some great relationships.

The class always has a hectic week with many activities:  we hold a mixer for their first evening to meet and greet with Home Office/HFX, extensive HR training to learn laws and what to do in situations, hiring, evaluations, benefits, QA, trouble shooting, IT tips and tricks, social media, and touring HCP is always a highlight of the week.  So many things! On top of that, we ask the class to complete a class project.  

Class 4 explored the topic of pre-shift meetings, the right and wrong way to help managers deliver information to the crew!  They did a great job working with our videographer, Ian Campbell, in producing a video project which they shared at the graduation ceremony on Friday! 

A long week away from families, but making good friends, and having a few cold brews made a productive, fun week for all. 

Congratulations! We wish Class 4 much success!!!!

Campbell U Class 4

Class #4 L-R:  Zac Cooney-Duncansville; Tracey Baumgardner-Bedford; John Graffius-DV Marzoni’s; Rob Ballesteros-Gettysburg; Sue Weathers-Belle Vernon; Adam Goetschius-Meadville; Meagan O’Leary-Mechanicsburg, Andrew Bowermaster-Carlisle

Duncansville Marzoni's Receives Special Thank-You

Email Received 08/30/2017:

I just wanted to give you guys a sincere thank you. My husband's family came in to D-ville Marzoni's on Sunday evening about 10 minutes before you guys closed for the night. They had been in the hospital all day with my husband's grandfather who is currently experiencing kidney failure and not doing well. They said they asked if it was ok if they ordered some food to go because they were exhausted and hungry after such an emotional day, but that you insisted they come in and sit down to enjoy their meals.

They told me they had never experienced such kind and wonderful service and that it meant so much to them because of what they were going through. They were literally in tears telling me about it because they were so touched.

I'm not sure who was managing or who served them that evening, but I wanted to personally thank you for taking care of them so well. I know how easy it is to feel irritated with customers coming in right before closing, but you never know what kind of day someone has had or who just needs to be shown some kindness. Just wanted you to know how grateful I am. : )

Welcome Home SSGT Christopher Morris
by Kelly Divins, Assistant Manager

On Friday, August 18, DuBois Hoss's was thrilled and excited to be part of a planned surprise for the Morris Family.   SSGT Christopher Morris was coming home from his deployment in Al Udeid Qatar Air Base (near Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), and he wanted to surprise his family and picked the family's favorite place to eat to do that.  Everything was set into motion for his arrival time Friday evening, but sadly it did not come to happen as weather prevented his flights from flying and he was not able to get home that evening.

We still wanted to be able to do something special. Thanks to Billie Jo Walls, we were able to have some great gifts for the family, a welcome home basket and backpacks for all three of the kids.  Tuesday evening, the family came in to eat dinner, and we were able to finally have a little surprise for them. SSGT Morris has also served tours in South Korea, Japan, Germany, England, as well as humanitarian missions in the Phillipines, and has been able to have his family with him while being stationed in Hawaii for three years.

Morris Family 

The following is part of a letter we received from the Morris family:

"Well, who do I begin to thank first! Let me start by saying that even though our amazing plan did not happen as intended, I’m happy nonetheless that we were able to spend quality time with the Hoss's family! Today, seeing Kelly and Jill really made our time here special. Our next duty station will be in Montana, and we are looking forward to reconnecting as a family by participating in the many outdoor activities Montana has to offer. This will be the first duty location that we will be experiencing all four seasons, so it is a nice change for our family. We want to thank our families, who have supported us during our transitions in the military. We would also like to thank our Hoss’s family, that have shown us support and love each time we come in. They have gone above and beyond to make us feel more than just customers each time we are there. Our children, Alayna, Ayden, and Ryan absolutely love going to Hoss’s to eat and see our friends. Every time we pass by and don’t stop, our car is filled with the sounds of sad children. We cannot express how thankful we are to have each of you in our lives, even if it is just between deployments. You have filled our lives with a joy that is hard to put into words. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

HCP 2nd Quarter Eagle Leader Named

On Tuesday, July 25, Shane Kubat was presented with HCP's 2nd Quarter Eagle Leader Award.

Shane Kubat

Shane is a 13-year employee and currently works in the Sanitation Department.

Congratulations, Shane!

Steve McIlveen Wins 5K

Steve McIlveen 5K

Steve McIlveen, General Manager at Richland Township, won the 1st Annual Cuddles for Kids 5K on Saturday, June 10, in Westmont. 

Cuddles for Kids contributes to children's agencies around the world, most notably in the United States, Haiti, and Mexico.


Relay For Life Breakfast 2017
by Pam Weakland

Servant Leadership is a term that we hear often, but to live it every day is the difference!

The Hoss family showed their commitment to the community and serving others bright and early Saturday, June 10, 2017, for the Blair County Relay for Life Breakfast at Mansion Park. From HBS that gets all the equipment ready and where it needs to be, the warehouse that pulls it all and organizes it for the truck, the volunteers that show up to set up, serve, and clean up, truly the definition of serving others. 

Relay Breakfast 2017

For the last 16 years Hoss’s has participated in this event providing a hot breakfast for those campers and walkers that are raising money with hope to find a cure for cancer, a disease that we all have been affected by.  To see all the smiles, for the thank you’s, and comradery of all the folks that come out to make difference during this event, is the only thanks our team needs.  They deserve much more always willing to go the extra mile, but are satisfied with much less.

The hustle and bustle of getting ready is always fun, seeing the walkers line up for breakfast, and sometimes a cheer from the crowd is the best feeling!   So another successful year is in the books….see you next year!

Click here for photos from the event!

MB32 Participates In Norwalk Soap Box Derby
by Shelby Knepper, Hourly Manager

On June 10, 2017, Martinsburg Hoss’s participated in the 2017 local Bucky’s Limited Auto Body Norwalk Soapbox Derby. Haley Smith, was the driver of the soapbox derby car. Haley is the daughter of Kristen Fisher, an Assistant Manager. The car number that was picked for the car was 93 because the store opened its doors in 1993.

After the race was over, Hoss’s catered the awards dinner and donated all of their time and food to the nonprofit organization. Martinsburg Hoss’s has been involved with this organization for the last four years, but this was the first year that they had a car participate in the derby. Hoss’s looks forward to growing their relationship with the Norwalk Soapbox Derby Organization and being more involved in community events throughout the year.

Click here to view the story on the local news.

Mission Trip To Guatemala
by Steve Stouffer - General Manager, Elizabethtown

Steve StoufferMy wife Jan and I are part of a group of 20 from our community that is coordinating with about 60 additional people to work at an orphanage next week in Guatemala.    The orphanage is Casa Aleluya. Click here to visit their web site to learn more.     It is home to over 500 children.

Our group will be cleaning, loving up the kids, and working to build a hospital on the "compound."   I understand this is a wonderful orphanage that helps so many orphaned children in a difficult area. Our immediate group has been planning this trip for over three years to work at this orphanage and to help the children and to assist building the hospital. We also are taking almost 100 pairs of shoes as a lot of the children do not have shoes that fit or a mix match.  

Phil and TroyTwo Hossers Run In 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon

On May 7, Troy Horner and Phil Sukenik joined 15,500 of their closest friends and braved the chill to run the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon. 

This is more than just a race; it is a huge event with runners racing through numerous city neighborhoods to the cheers of 60,000 spectators.

Troy was able to achieve a personal best time in the marathon.  Phil did not have a record setting day in the half marathon but was able to do this year’s race 2 minutes faster than last year (at this rate, he will be running in the olymipics when he’s 70).

St. Marys Employee Raises Funds for Alzheimer's Association
by Christy Wehler, General Manager

Pam Forster, an employee of St. Mary's Hoss's, has been and continues to do amazing things for the Alzheimers Association. Her mother suffers from this horrible disease. Pam has been holding fundraising events for the past 4 years. Each year, she adds new and different events to raise money for this worthy cause. Along with that, she donates more and more money each year.

She has a group called the "Camiotti Crew" that helps her with the fundraisers. Pam takes on a lot of it herself along with working a full time job and the part time job here at Hoss's. She also finds the time to watch her grandchildren and attends their sporting events whenever possible. In her spare time she likes to attend as many Pirates games as possible just to relax a little.

This past year, she held a bake sale ( she baked most of the items herself), a Community Night, a garage sale, a chicken barbeque, and an ongoing candy sale. She has donated $3,840.00 thus far, and this amount does not include the sales from the candy.

Her mind never stops coming up with ideas of how to raise even more money this year than last. I think that Pam needs to be commended for all that she does for the sake of her mom and all of the others that suffer with this disease.

Jeff Stephenson Retirement

Jeff StephensonAfter 31 years of dedicated service, Jeff Stephenson, General Manager at Cranberry Hoss's, is retiring from the restaurant business. His official last day is May 22.

We would like to thank him for everything he has done for our company and wish him well with all of his future endeavors!

Click here to read a local newspaper article about Jeff's retirement.

Lewistown Crew Prom

Senior crew members from our Lewistown location chose Hoss's to dine for their prom this past Saturday night.   Barb, who they all call "Mom," is in the center.  They all clean up pretty well!

Lewistown Prom

Hoss Hero - Julie (Kolmer) Johnson
by Chris Reigel, GM Lititz

Julie Kolmer JohnsonOn Monday, May 1, we had a gentlemen here eating by himself. I was quickly called over to the table to help him because he was having a seizure. We had a party of nine at a table behind him, and they started to help him. When I got there, I told someone to call 911. We got him on the ground, and me and someone else helped this man until the ambulance got there.

The girl that was helping me took over the situation. She was trying to comfort him, get him on his side, and told him the ambulance was on its way. This whole situation lasted about 8 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. I was glad I had this girl there to help in the situation.

The girl that helped me was a guest dining with her family. She rushed over to help out with the situation. This is an act that many people would not do because they would not know what to do or felt that the situation was taken care of by the other people around him. She jumped right in and took over the situation. I am so thankful for people like her, people that jump in and help out when needed.

The girl that was helping me was our own Julie (Kolmer) Johnson. Please congratulate Julie on a job well done. We are lucky to have her here at Hoss's!!!

Gettysburg Holds Toy Drive
by Jessi Hill, Assistant Manager

Gettysburg Hoss's held a toy drive for the Children's Cancer Recover Foundation. It was a wonderful experience! We love helping organizations like this. All the toys donated will go directly to hospitalized children. We hope to put smiles on their faces and brighten their day!

Gettysburg Toy Drive

Country Singer Visits Gettysburg Hoss's!
by Jessi Hill, Assistant Manager

Country Singer, Dustin Lynch, stopped by Gettysburg Hoss's after his concert at the Majestic Theatre here in town. He was super nice, and we were all excited to see him!

Dustin Lynch and Jessi

Hoss Hero - Amber Schwaderer

Hoss Hero - Amber SchwadererAmber Schwaderer, Salad/Prep Manager at Huntingdon, recently saved the life of a fellow employee!

One of our servers was taking a break and decided to eat some garlic bread. While eating, the bread became lodged in her throat, and she could not breath. Amber realized that she was choking and needed help.  She started the Heimlich  Maneuver on her, the bread came unlodged soon after, and the employee began to breath again! 

Amber stated, "We train so that we are prepared to help save our guests, not ever thinking it would be one of our own crew members who would need our help."

Campbell U Class #3 Graduates
by Pam Weakland

Campbell U Class #3 spent a fun-filled week at the Home Office February 20-24, 2017.  This was a larger class of 19 managers participating.  The fun of having everyone together for the week was partly due to having 5 managers new to Hoss’s, 3 managers from Marzoni’s, and 4 Department Managers.  There was so much creativity, innovation, and comradery happening that the week flew by. 

The class was split into two groups for completing a class project.  Each presented  their ideas on how we can help to move forward Better Service in 2017 and how we can move to the future and growing our guests and sales.   Every individual brought something special to the table. 

Not only did they put together presentations but had a full week of class and went on a tour at HCP.  Coming directly from the class, “We learned so many things that I will be taking back to my store, but also made great friendships. It’s great to be a part of this “Family!"

Good luck to all, and we will see you back in 60 days for Follow Up Class!

Campbell U 3

Back L-R:  Calvin Carr 207, Matt Beiswenger #05, Jim Rush #05, Mike Giordano #24, Amber Schwaderer #24, Annette Lombardi #06, Darius Morgan #23, Abby Massimo #40, Missy Whetzel #43, Courtney Josselyn #21, Abe Telck #48, Stephanie Defibaugh #01. William Eck #43, Gary Foster #37, Kristy Bomberger #27, Angel Hartpence #49,
Front L-R:  Justin McLucas #29, Megan Bean-Dowell #204, Tyler Grace #207