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Interested in a management position at Hoss's?  Openings are available!

At Hoss's Steak and Sea House we believe strongly in our Internal Manager Development Programs. Many of our current managers started their careers in management as team members. Crew members are chosen based on their overall operations talents, their leadership skills, and their desire to become a restaurant manager.Hoss U Graduation

The Internal Manager in Training Program works much in the same as our traditional program. As a candidate, you will work through the operations areas gaining the knowledge and expertise of that area. The management team will act as your mentor by training you in the skills necessary to manage people and a business.

The Internal Manager in Training Program has a very unique benefit. This program allows you time to develop. Traditionally, these programs run between three months to one year to complete. This extra time allows our candidates with limited experience the time to really understand our restaurant operations and management responsibilities.

For more information, please call Phil Sukenik at (814) 693-3340.

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