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529 College Savings Plan

Introducing a New Employee Benefit!! Everyone can Participate! Saving for College just got easier!

Hoss's and Marzoni's has established a relationship with Forney Financial Solutions, LLC, who will make available to all of Hoss's employees the opportunity to enroll in an employer-sponsored 529 College Savings Plan. The plans that will be available are the Virginia Plan through American Funds and the Alaska Plan through Manulife Financial. The benefit of participating in an employer-sponsored 529 plan is that you will have access to e-class shares that have significantly lower costs than if you would enroll in a 529 college savings plan on your own.

These two college savings plans allow you to make systematic investments to cover the increasing costs of education and enjoy completely tax-free growth. Under the current tax law, all money withdrawn from the plan for qualified education expenses is free from federal taxes. You may contribute money toward any beneficiary in your family, including yourself! You retain control over the account, so the beneficiary can't take his/her college nest egg and spend it on something else. The money can be used for any qualified college expense, including housing, food, supplies, and tuition. If the money is spent on these qualified college expenses, it's federally tax-free! (The Virginia plan may have additional tax advantages if you live in Virginia and take advantage of the plan. Ask Forney Financial about these advantages.)

The two plans offer different savings options. Manulife allows employees to enroll in the payroll deduction option. This option is best for employees who have consistent paychecks with net earnings that will sustain the payroll deduction. The American Funds program will draft directly from your checking or savings account each month. Forney Financial Solutions will help you choose the plan that is best for you and your personal financial situation.

If you would like more information on 529 college savings plans, visit www.savingforcollege.com. You can also visit www.americanfunds.com or www.manulifecollegesavings.com.


Forney Financial Solutions, LLC
3018 Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Altoona, PA 16602
1-888-9-FORNEY or 814-944-8474
E-Mail: john.c.forney@raymondjames.com

If you have benefit questions, please contact us at benefits@hosscorp.com or call
1-800-621-0270 Ext. 3339.