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401K Retirement Savings Plan

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Eligibility and Enrollment:

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in Hoss's and Marzoni's 401K Plan?
Why should I participate?
How can I enroll?
How do I get started to access my account on Standard's web site?
What if I cannot remember my login or password?
How do I know which profile or accounts to choose?
How can I get retirement planning advice?


How can I contribute to my 401K account?
What is the difference between Pre-Tax Savings and Roth Savings?
What is Automatic Enrollment?
What is Automatic Increase?
What is the maximum I can contribute to my 401K account per year?
Is there a maximum percentage that I can contribute?
How often can I change my deferral percentage and how can I do this?
What is automatic rebalancing?
What is a catch-up contribution?
What is the employer match?
Can I roll my 401K account from my former employer into Hoss's and Marzoni's 401K plan?


How and when can I take money out of my account?
What are my distribution options when terminating employment?


Can I take out a loan from my account?
How do I take out a loan?
How will I repay my loan?
Is there a limit to the number of loans I may take out?
What if I terminate employment before the loan is paid off?