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Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
         -Author Unknown

Fall Promotion - Pork Chops

Below are the procedures for our new Fall Promotions's Pork Chop entree. This can be served as a single or double pork chop order.

Summer Promotion - Big Hossome Salads

Check out how to make our new Big Hossome Salads in this new video giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make these delicious new Hossome salads!

Spring Promotion - BBQ Ribs and Chorizo Burger

In this episode, Rob Billet shows us proper cooking procedures for our new Spicy Chorizo Burger and BBQ Ribs.

Drive-In Burger and Foot Long Hot Dog

In this episode, Rob Billet shows us procedures for making the Drive-In Burger and the Foot Long Hot Dog add-on.

How To Make Donation Gift Baskets

One popular way to donate to organizations in your community is by donating gift baskets. In this video, we show you how you can make your own gift basket using some merchandise and supplies you have right in your store!

Hawaiian Haddock

In this episode, Rob Billet shows us how to prepare and cook the Hawaiian Haddock meal.

Hoss's Tuna Melt Sandwich

In this episode, we show you the proper procedures for creating our Tuna Melt!

Peanut Butter Pie Procedures

Here we show you how to prepare the new Peanut Butter Pie.

Loaded Potato Procedures

In this video, we show the proper procedures for preparing a Loaded Potato, a Loaded Sweet Potato, and a Loaded Porky Potato.

Bob Pleva Retirement

In this episode, we congratulate Bob Pleva on his retirement after 44 Hossome years of service. Since the beginning of Hoss's, Bob has been leading our Eagles to excellence! Enjoy your retirement, Bob!

Hoss's Central Processing Tour

In this episode, Adam Clemens, Production Manager of our Hoss's Central Processing plant in Claysburg, takes us on a tour of their facility. Showing from start to finish all the work and care that goes into getting our Hossome, delicious steaks from our meat cutters, to the restaurant, to our hungry customers!


Commercial Behind The Scenes

In this episode, we show you what it's like behind the scenes of making a TV commercial. If you haven't already seen our new commercial in it's entirety, you can find it on our HossTV channel. A special thank you goes out to the team at Parish Digital for all their hard work and dedication.

Hoss's Commercial

Click below for our Hoss's commercial! Behind the scenes video will be coming soon!

"Hoss's Wants You!" Video
by Annville Hoss's

Check out this great recruitment video created by our managers and team members at Annville Hoss's!


Recruitment Video

This video was created by Hoss U Class #88 to help in recruiting new employees.

Milkshake Video

In this video, Rob shows how to operate the machine, portion ingredients, and clean machine after each use.

Tom Smith's Top 10

This time we take you to Hoss TV's Late Night set where Tom Smith gives you some helpful tips on how to NOT get hurt at work!

Marzoni's Selinsgrove Construction In 30 Seconds!

In this Hoss TV, you can see how quickly we're getting ready to open our brand new Selinsgrove Marzoni's location! Marzoni's is a casual dining micro-brewery that serves great food and great beers. We're very excited to come out to Selinsgrove early 2015!

Carl Raup Ice Water Sales Challenge

Here we dump a bucket of ice water on Carl Raup! He challenged the managers to a sales goal target that they met, and they got to dump a bucket of ice water on him in the style of the Ice Bucket Challenge! Thanks again to our stores for getting the job done….it was so worth it!!! 

Like Us On Facebook!

This episode, we encourage everybody to "Like Us On Facebook" to stay in the loop with promotions, news, contests, giveaways, and more! Make sure you get your friends and family to "Like" along with you!

Dinner Kit Fundraiser Program

In this episode, Dave Soellner explains all about Hoss's Dinner Kits and how these kits are a great way to raise some money for your group!

Meadville Remodeling/Re-Opening

We reopened our Meadville location with a brand new look! This episode shows you all about the new things we're trying and a special inside look at our beautiful digital menu boards!

Sign Up For Direct Deposit Today!

In this episode, Phil Sukenik tells you the fundamental reasons why you should make the switch to Direct Deposit!

Click here to visit our PSECU page.

Introducing HosssGear.com!

We are proud to introduce our new web store, HosssGear.com!

Hoss's Celebrates 30 Years!

In celebration of 30 years of serving up Hoss'pitality, we've started a web show to deliver you news from within the company! This episode, Bob Pleva thanks you for making these 30 years possible!