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Hoss’s Steak and Sea House is a growing chain of restaurants with its origin in Central Pennsylvania. As an introduction to Hoss’s, a brief description of the Hoss concept, history, corporate structure, and philosophy follows.

Bill CampbellSeeking to fill the gap between fast food and full-service restaurants, Hoss’s specializes in cooked-to-order steaks, chicken, and seafood, offering a varied menu and catering to the family trade. What made Bill think his formula for a restaurant would catch on? "It’s just the chance you take," he explains. "You think it will work, so you just go for it. Life is full of risks, and you can’t be afraid of defeat." Bill believes people make the difference. Hoss’s creates consistency in our service by treating our employees like our guests. "To me, they are the guests, and we’ve tried to pass along those values. If an employee is happy, it will reflect on the guest." Bill attributes Hoss’s phenomenal success to the selection of our employees and their willingness to make guest satisfaction their "number one" priority. "There are a lot of good people out there! They just need to be trained properly." Hoss’s has established Quality as our theme, and Total Guest Satisfaction as our mission.

John in the Meat RoomLooking at our menu, it is easy to see the quality focus. We proudly prepare each meal to order using only the freshest ingredients available. Purchasing Western grain-fed beef that meets our strict standards, our steaks are cut fresh and never frozen. We serve only the freshest seafood - sensationally seasoned, delicately broiled, or hand-breaded and lightly fried in 100% cholesterol-free vegetable shortening. Offering a variety of boneless breast of chicken entrees, the chicken breast that we feature is stuffed by hand with lots of "TLC." Our skinless filets are served in a variety of styles from grilled, lightly fried, or buffalo-style to marinated with barbecue or Italian seasonings.

Hoss’s showcases our impressive Soup & Salad Bar featuring over 100 quality items. It features made-from-scratch, hearty soups, Hoss recipe salads, crispy vegetables, and delicious sauces. Our products are made in our kitchens to ensure the freshest quality to our guests. Our Soup & Salad Bar also features various hearth-baked, warm breads, delicious fruits and desserts, and soft-serve ice cream.

Hoss’s decor is warm and friendly with the building constructed of brick and natural wood. Our interiors are decorated with early American antiques and paintings using wagon wheel light fixtures as well as plants and memorabilia native to each restaurant’s locale.

Hoss’s Steak and Sea House is a privately-owned company that operates 38 restaurants under the registered name of Hoss's Steak and Sea House. Willard E. Campbell is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, in addition to being the founder of the organization. The company approximately 100 shareholders.

Each Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, depending on its sales volume, is operated by a management team consisting of at least three individuals - a General Manager, an Associate Manager, and one or more Assistant Managers. There are normally 70-90 full-time and part-time personnel who make up the balance of each Hoss’s Team.

The success of Hoss’s can be directly attributed to our total commitment to training competent people to treat each guest and fellow employee as they themselves would like to be treated and to strive to always achieve total guest satisfaction. Each restaurant is directed by a highly professional management team trained in all aspects of the operation. They are trained to manage by teaching and motivating using a hands-on style.

Server & GuestsOur guests always come first at Hoss's. We must never forget that these are the people who pay our wages. Good customer relations are facilitated through the use of comment cards, guest comment books, employee input, and a toll-free number 1-800-992-4677 (HOSS) which was put into operation for customer comments and complaints.

We think you will enjoy working at Hoss's. To become a part of the Hoss's Team requires dedication, hard work, and a sense of loyalty. The company believes in equal opportunity and likes to promote from within if possible. Your opportunity to advance is limited only by ambition, talent, and Hoss's growth.

You are important. The only unlimited resource left on earth is people. You are the person who cooks the steaks, prepares the salads, and entertains the guests. Hoss's realizes the important role you have in making our guests happy. That is why we want you to enjoy your job. Hoss's maintains an open door policy at all levels for suggestions, constructive criticism, and compliments.

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