Better Service . . . Getting Better Every Day!
by Pam Weakland

A quote from Chris Peck “If the only thing to purchase at a restaurant were food, it would be a grocery store.”

This is so true! We talk a lot about culture - our culture is Family and Hoss’pitality, without question. Hoss’s is a company that believes that it starts from the top with family and taking care of each other. That “family” includes managers, crew, and our guests and the communities that we do business in. With that being said, I believe this is the reflection of our roots and where we come from. So moving forward 2017 brings many opportunities to expand our brand and our culture. “Customers judge the brand based on experiences with employees.” Let’s all work together to make that experience outstanding! It takes a team not one individual to make this happen.

Better service is…

Greeters smiling, opening doors, recognizing guests, making eye contact, listening, and talking with each guest like an Aunt and Uncle that came for a visit, real and from the heart. Recognizing special needs (high chairs, needing to sit close to the salad bar, more comfortable at table). Learning that flawless timing of welcoming the guest, finding the table, walking with menus and explaining the feature soups and offering our guests to help themselves to the salad bar if they ask or if they have young children, keeps the restaurant in rhythm. Timing the flow of the dining room without anyone noticing. Being that team player that helps servers with drinks and runs meals if needed and busses tables in slower times.

Servers that greet each table with a smile and genuine welcome to Hoss’s (expressing their love for what they do and not acting as if guests are an intrusion of their time)! Using the 4 Non-negotiables at every table. Understanding the menu and how to explain how we prepare items and what cut of beef, where the fish is from, how every steak topper, vegetable offering, or add on item complements the meal for each guest. Being able to answer questions and anticipate any guest need (dropped silverware, extra napkins, appetizer plates, drink refills). Always listening as you are in and out of your zone, making eye contact and recognizing needs. Recognizing unspoken needs - if guests are ready for their checks, need coffee or are not satisfied with timing or taste of their entrée, and pre-bussing always! Helping each other so that guests are never waiting for anything! We know everything is not perfect 100% and there are times things go wrong, better service is talking to guests and letting them know what is happening, taking responsibility and asking what we can bring for them or what we might do to take care of it. Never arguing with guests or avoiding guests that may have a complaint or problem, we look at all guest issues as opportunities to make them happen and wanting to return!

Kitchen, Prep, and Salad Bar staff are a part of this better service team as well. Making sure that we are serving consistent, hot, great looking and even better tasting meals. Having a salad bar that is full, clean, and fresh with options for all of our guests! Hot soups, cold salads, and sweet creamy treats on our dessert bar that are hard to resist!

Managers spending their time in the dining room smiling and talking with guests and being available for crew, and making sure everyone is having an enjoyable experience!

Having the teamwork, rhythm, and timing to make it all come together for an excellent Guest Experience… that is phase 2 of Better Service and our focus for 2017!!

So be looking for LMS training, checklists, tools, and tips to help you be the best with each and every guest.