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2016 Eagle Leaders of the Year

Jenn Blanco from Martinsburg, Flossi Betts from Shamokin Dam, James Wittman from Indiana, Melissa Whetzel from Grove City, Rebecca Diggens from Huntingdon, Jenny Poullos from Greenwood Marzoni's, and Ashley Bowser from Hoss's Central Processiong were honored as our Eagle Leaders of the Year 2016 at our Tenth Annual Eaglefest held on April 8, 2017, at the Huntingdon Country Club.


District #1 - Jenn Blanco

“The Cornerstone”

Jenn Blanco A cornerstone is the first stone set in a foundation – in essence defining the building. Without a doubt, the cornerstone of our next Eagle Leader is “Family.”

Jenn Blanco has been an integral part of the Martinsburg family for the past 13 years. Holding multiple positions throughout, Jenn's dependability, work ethic, attention to detail, and team-first mentality only scratch the surface of this Eagle Leader.

Through unimaginable tragedy at the loss of her youngest son, and her own battle with cancer, Jenn's strength and resolve continue to inspire those around her.

Everyone's definition of family is different – but to Jenn, it is not limited to her husband and her sons – it includes her coworkers, her guests, and everyone who rallied to support her.

Jenn's strength and resolve in the face of such adversity, and to find that strength in family, is certainly an inspiration to us all.


District #2 - Flossi Betts

“Relentless Selflessness”

Fossi Betts “If one person has breathed easier because of you, you have succeeded.” That is a quote that Florence Betts – more commonly known as “Flossi” - holds near and dear to her heart.

Joining the Hoss's family in 1985, Flossi helped open the Shamokin Dam location, has been a Dining Room Manager, a representative of Input Feedback meetings, and a trainer in multiple store openings. Flossi is not an Eagle for the positions she has held though – she is an Eagle for the life she lives.

Flossi made a commitment to God that as much as she is given, she will give back. Through mission trips, Operation Shoebox, Pure Joy missions, sending cards to ailing guests or attending their funerals, Flossi strives to support those in her life. She also writes letters of encouragement to prisoners, helps troubled teens, and the list goes on...

A caring mother, a giving friend, and a selfless missionary...


District #3 - James Wittman

“Heart of Gold”

James Wittman“I wanna live, I wanna give” - that's how Neil Young's “Heart of Gold” starts out, and that is undoubtedly the creed that drove James Wittman to become District 3's Eagle Leader.

Eleven years ago, James started out in the dish room in Saint Marys – only spending a week there before being promoted to cook. James went on to win Employee of the Quarter his second year, and later transferred to Indiana during college.

While earning his bachelor's in Psychology and pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, James continued to earn a reputation as a leader. First to volunteer, leading by example, and a sincere desire to help those around him, James displays the qualities of an Eagle.

James would like to use his degree in a prison setting to counsel, mentor, and rehabilitate inmates.

Search no further for a Heart of Gold...


District #4 - Melissa Whetzel

“Mother Bear”

Melissa WhetzelMother bears may look gentle and quiet, but they are known for their courage, strength and the protection of their family. District 4's Eagle Leader, Missy Whetzel certainly mirrors those qualities.

Since being hired in 2002, Missy has held positions as host, server, salad bar, prep, and manager. Regardless of the position she held, Missy was fast, detailed, took charge, multi-tasked, and gave results.

Inside or outside of work, these are the same qualities Missy displays – always on the move and always helping someone. The only thing that slowed her down was a broken ankle.

Missy's primary focus, though, is her dedication to those around her. Whether it was raising three children, helping her nieces and nephews in 4-H, caring for her ailing mother and father, or keeping the family farm running, Missy places herself second to the needs of those around her.

Courage, strength and protection...


District #5 - Rebecca Diggins

“A Constant Source”

Rebecca Diggins A previous Eagle Leader, Becky Diggins is a 10-year veteran of Hoss's. Over the course of this time she has served as a trainer, a member of the stores IMPACT Committee, and is one of the most respected employees in Huntingdon.

Becky serves as a constant source of support to her peers – providing clarity, valued insight, words of wisdom, or simply a comforting word.

In times of need, Becky is quick to volunteer her time, her positive attitude, and anything else that may be needed. An example of this is Becky and one of her coworkers ensuring that the daughter of one of their patrons has a new winter coat and Christmas dress each year. At other times, Becky can be found buying shoes, gas, or groceries for someone in need.

As Keynote speaker Kevin Kruse says, “Life isn't about getting and having – it's about giving and being.”


Marzoni's - Jenny Poullos

“Steadfast Service”

Jenny PoullosJenny Poullos has been with Marzoni's since it opened its doors in 2003, and she was there when the Greenwood location opened its doors 10 years later.

Since the beginning, Jenny has proven to be an unwavering source of support and service to others. Whether it is providing her insight and knowledge on policies and procedures, or products and recipes, there is no doubt that Jenny has one thing in mind – the guest. This guest-first attitude is evident in her ability to train others, her willingness to help, and certainly in the love she pours into her recipes.

Outside of work, Jenny's service continues – volunteering her time in various ways – such as serving meals to our disabled Vets through Healing Waters in Spruce Creek or at her second job at the American Legion in Tyrone.

A constant source of service to others...


HCP - Ashley Bowser

“A Grace that Lies Beneath”

Ashley Bowser Although grace may not be the word Ashley uses to describe herself, one only needs to look at her ability to seamlessly switch tasks or solve problems to see the grace that lies beneath. Hired in 2012 to assist in pasta production, Ashley wasted no time in displaying what it means to be an Eagle.

Ashley had a knack for quickly mastering any task that was given to her and a willingness to help in any way she could. So, naturally, when HCP was in need of a part-time Administrative Assistant, Ashley was the obvious choice. True to form, Ashley quickly mastered this skill set and with her ability to problem solve, quickly became the go-to individual.

Ashley's willingness to help in any way she can, her ability to quickly and seamlessly change roles, and her desire to focus on a solution – not the problem - displays a grace that lies beneath.



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