Hoss's/Marzoni's 401K
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August 2017

Getting Started - Part I

Retirement SavingsThree Potential Benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging - Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy that many people use without realizing it. If you invest through your employer's retirement plan, you probably already use dollar-cost averaging.

How Pre-Tax Contributions Affect Your Paycheck - Are you thinking about making pre-tax contributions to your retirement plan? If you're like many people, you may be worried about taking home less money each pay period. But wait, there's good news!

Are You Planning For Retirement? - Have you thought about life after work? We all have dreams, but some people don't plan beyond the here and now. Fortunately, your retirement plan can help.

What Will Your Retirement Be Like? - How much money do you think you'll need for retirement? Take a moment to reflect on what life might be like after you retire.

Be sure to check out Standard's Retirement Needs Calculator to learn how much money you may need in retirement and how much you should save now to get there. (Use the sliders to make changes to the data and click on "calculate now" button for results.)

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